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Whether they are small, medium or large in size, our goal is to improve their business to a level never before seen by the founders.


"Success is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Murphy brings over 35 years of remarkable leadership, business and personal development experience to executives and business owners. As Principal of Business Strategy Coach & Trainers Association (UK), he has coached front line and executive teams for 36 years in the development of local sales and marketing strategies for many large and small companies in numerous countries.


Professional Coach Training

From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. As a professional Business Coach, we guarantee great results. Our coaches and trainers are internationally approved and strictly selected to provide the best at consulting your business decisions.

Meet our team


Business Strategy Coach & Trainers Association (UK) provides a global team of highly skilled and experienced coaches and consultants. We combine together as a global virtual team to ensure a high level of service delivery across all of the activities, through extensive networks we can source high quality coaches in many countries.



Bringing 20 years of experience, Richardson has always
been passionate about helping business owners create
better businesses. He knows firsthand that through
education and the coaching process business owner’s
gain insight that leads to impactful change in every
area, including their personal and family lives.


Hailing from London, Eileen enjoys designing courses
in her spare time and try out various ways of teaching
among her fellow students.

Eileen spent 10 years with us where she served various clients ranging from emerging businesses to large public registrants.  She also held various senior finance positions ranging from venture capital backed start-ups to CFO of a $350 million public registrant. This company grew from $20 million to $350 million in revenues during her 5-year tenure.



Cheng Hoi Ming Yesir (Asian Entrepreneur Coach), likes to study business philosophy and first trainer to introduce the United State's Edutainment to Asia.

Publishing over 10 books, he had been in many various Hong Kong magazine and media progammes. 

Yesir has always been committed to the studying of the business philosophy of the world's top five hundred enterprises.


Canada wealth startup master T.Harv Eker

"The God of Money" Mr. Qiu Yonghan

World famous business philosopher Jim Rohn

And entrepreneur 25 rhetoric author William E.Heinecke 


Yesir has been engaged in education, computer, printing, business and so on. He has 30 years of rich experience in commercial operation and is the only practical instructor in Hong Kong who only speaks of actual combat strategies and is not just lecturing. One of his startups "Print100", encouraged the rapid growth of the printing industry, earning from six hundred dollars a day to 38 million dollars a year and became the top  of the industry, and sold the enterprise for the price of 15 million, Once again creating the myth of making millions.

● 2004 Zurich Entrepreneur Award

● 2006 Asia's Top Ten Corporate Trainers

● Doctor of Psychology, Wisconsin International University, USA

●Master of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin, USA

● ATV and NOW TV program host

● BSCTA Asian entrepreneurs coach

● 2006 Asia top ten corporate trainer honor

● CPP International Approved MBTI Trainer

● I.H.T.A five global character (Asia only lecturer)



Gloria Bowman is a Personal and Business Coach and Trainer who works with successful people who want to take their life and business to the next level! Gloria has coached more than 400 entrepreneurs, sales professionals, managers, executives and coaches.



Neil Miller became a business coach after he approached us with solving his company's financial problems. Neil is a teacher and curriculum author for the school. Neil is also an international speaker and works with clients all over the globe.

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