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If they can succeed, you can too.


Enrique Frazier was a financial manager with a European-based multinational corporation. We had also spoken to Enrique’s immediate supervisor who talked in general terms about the possibility of my coaching one of his staff. We worked together for a relatively brief period of time (five sessions). Enrique remained in a similar role in the company for another 18 months, after which he was promoted.

Floyd Patton approached us a year ago. Within sixty days of the first coaching and training sessions, the staff and student body seemed to respond very well. Being in an environment where "transformation" is enforced and practiced permitted the adoption process to accelerate. Normally, Forward Progress would be hesitant to take such a large group without a pilot program; however with early testing in the first few weeks, They knew this had increased potential.

Jerome Mcgee, an engineer struggling with money, increased communication and reduced the company's engineering costs by 20%. Revenue grew from $2 million to $13 million. A 'can do' culture was created around the newly established company benchmark: "It must be good for the customer, good for the company, and good for the employees." Quarterly Town Hall meetings were instituted as a communications tool for all employees. An 'open book' management style also increased communication opportunities.

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