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​If you are already a life coach, a Business trainer will make you a higher level!

Business Trainer (Registered Professional Trainer Certificate Programme)


Certificate courses

Enter into a profession earning millions annual salary, to create personal career.

1. Our instructor is a British entrepreneur coach with 30 years of experience in business management and training, and is well aware of the operation of the international business market.


2. The course is based on Europe and the United States as the most powerful CTN technology modeled on the use of a variety of brain skills, so that the latest  theories will applied in training.


3. By the curriculum design, teaching technology, to respond to questions, enhance the atmosphere, note designs, as well as marketing, to enable the full grasp of the training.


4. Individual analysis of their individual personality characteristics for the students, and gradually establish a unique style of personal training, and make you become a truly successful market trainer.


5. We will assist your breakthrough and help you successfully enter the development of training career, including how to establish their own position in the market and enhance the value of the method to create personal career, set foot on the long road.


6. The course focus on practical skills, to give up the theory of endless, each section of the content can be used immediately, to strengthen your training capacity.


7. All our techniques are highly transferable, no matter what knowledge you teach, can be fully applied to apply, enhance the effect.


Set foot on the professional trainer road.

Create a new map of your career.

Enter the Chinese and international markets.


Let yourself become a true professional, international, motivating others and upgrading as a business trainer!


Business trainer

The only company in the UK Enterprise Trainer Qualification which market is extremely craving!

A collection of the UK's most effective corporate training technology, so you can walk in the front, to become the top of the business trainer!

With the rapid transformation of the world economy and the rapid development of knowledge-based society, business trainers (Business Professional Trainer) has become a hot industry. Whether you are an operator, manager, marketer, business consultant, or educator, you must play the role of "mentor" in different jobs.


And the trainer is considered to be one of the best treatments, the best future industry. According to the latest training market indicators figures show that professional corporate trainers pay higher than the university lecturers, the hourly wage is generally £ 600 to $ 800, and the well-known trainer is absolutely far more than this number, The trainer also exists in China.


In addition to teaching professional training skills, this course will enable you to learn how to join persuasion, design and marketing elements in your own training career, making you an excellent, personal style and full of charm training division.


The course is valid for one year and is subject to a Qualified Examination. Passed by the UK Entrepreneurship and Coaching Association, the "Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate" is awarded, which is also eligible for the "Business Coaching Certificate", dual qualification, and career.



30 SESSIONS Create your training career

Session 1 Training and Education

a. How is the development of training

b. The difference between business training and corporate training


Session 2 The basic duties of the trainer

a. division of the trainer

b. Trainers seven competencies model

Session 3 Confirm the training needs

a. Training market how to set 5S requirements

b. teach you to train sixteen curriculum design needs


Session 4 The logical planning of training needs

a trainer 's four inverted thinking

b. Must be aware of the classic case analysis


Session 5 how to train students can continue to accept

a. investor b. target student c. repeat student d. enterprise customer

e. internal staff f. competitor g. expert


Session 6 How to design a course

a. How to read your design by reading your course

b. Talk to the customer about the training needs

c. Observe each student by observing

d. How to design a questionnaire to learn about the training


Session 7 access to resources evolved into their own style

a. Enterprise resources b. mission resources

c. Curriculum resources d. personality resources


Session 8 Steps to identify training needs

a. Excellent presentation skills (Mind Mango)


Session 9 four skills evolved skills

a. Reading method b. interview method c. observation method d. questionnaire method


Session 10 lock the gas field of the three principles

a. Fixed method b. quantitative method c. fixed point method


Session 11 Eliminates student 's "Gap" Strategy

a. Demand analysis motivational reasoning

b. Demand analysis logic reasoning

c. How to create a space category to control the trainees


Session 12 training needs analysis report writing

a. teach you how to do post-training analysis report model

b. Eight types of training course design


Session 13 Principles for the development of training programs

the systematic principle of psychology

b. teach you to design the theory as a training principle

c. Individual training and business training of the three major differences

d. How to design strategies and culture for the enterprise

e. How to effectively improve the quality of personality through training


Session 14 Classification of Training Program Design

a. generalized training program design (sky design)

b. narrow training program design (ground design)


Session 15 curriculum design secret open

a training course design of the top ten tips

b. Training content of the four B.O.C design

c. Seven options for training methods

d. Five ways to assess the effectiveness of training

e. How is the training material designed?

f. resources, props, table lighting is how to design

g. How can business courses be charged and advertised?

h. How to design a unique curriculum style (your Changchun course)


Session 16 training course preparation

a. The eight ways to develop a curriculum

b. How to design a course template with a training game

c. How to prepare a training section (primary, intermediate, advanced)


Session 17 Make PPT file

a.120 sets of American PPT production template full set of delivery

b. Make note of the PPT file


Session 18 How to do the growth course (IN, LP, VQ, LEGACY)

a. The first stage: the basic course (to explore the heart of each person)

b. Phase II: Intensive course (change of belief)

c. The third stage: ninety days course (how to change through behavior)

d. the gradual and progressive principle of human psychology


Session 19 interior game design (to enable you to enhance the effect of the game design)

a. The most important game design that affects the quality of the course

b. teach you forty kinds of powerful training game


Session 20 has full control of the process and skills

a. ice b. opening c. control d. gas field e


Session 21 language

a. Know your voice, how to express in body language

b. the use of voice skills "ten to"

c. tone of the use of "from the transfer of", "cadence", "pubic region use"

d. The art and style of your stage performance


Session 22 How to create an incentive learning environment

a. Design and control of ten categories in the room

b. Ten tips for answering and discussing students


Session 23 The meaning and implementation principle of training evaluation

how to attract a large number of customers with training

b. teach you to design after seventy, eighty, after ninety after the training rules


Session 24 Evaluation Model Introduction

a.Kirkpatrick Sale Kirk Patrick Searle's "four-level assessment model"

b. Design of the training model (how to divide the module)

c. Incentive courses, growth courses, business courses, grassroots courses,

  Executive courses, mind courses, mixed courses of different design methods


Session 25 The charm and atmosphere of training

how to make the atmosphere of the building

b. how to make the charm of the mentor


Session 26 how to use language to impress others

a. Collect information through psychology

b. Collect information through behavioral observation

c. use the language to control each other's voice picture and mood

d. through the appearance of the inside into the appearance


Session 27 how to control the crisis

a. The scene of the crisis and how to deal with the situation

b. how to put the scene from control to push the climax of the course


Session 28 How to design a peak life course

a. change the way of life curriculum design and precautions

b. If you enter beliefs and change inherent thinking

c. All cults in the world speak openly (how they are brainwashed)


Session 29 The birth of a training course

a. From data collection to course design

b. sub-establishment of modules, design processes, props, scripts, high tide

c. How does the trainer plan for career development?


Session 30 how to carry out the trainer's bright cause (the beginning of your business)

a. The bright development of the mainland territory

b. How to design high-margin courses

c. How to charge high quality students

d. How to cooperate and how to calculate profits on the market

e. operating your fame

f. Copy the income of ten super effective method

Corporate Trainer


Registered Professional Trainer Certificate Programme

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