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A central challenge for all participants in international business is to find some clarity and meaning within their complex and changing situations. A major strength of coaching in this process is to engage executives in dialogue that is deep and rich in meaning.



Great ideas have emerged from all cultures on how business should be done and how people can best relate with each other. We view coaching as the best way of connecting great ideas with the day-to-day practice of business. However, the Centre’s position is that coaching is not a ‘pure’ activity. Our work also involves (where appropriate), elements of consulting, mentoring, training and counseling.

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We accept and embrace the complexity of what we find when we work with individuals and companies. Results matter. We work from an action learning paradigm that aims for the best results possible designed in the form and the language of our clients. While acting systematically and with scientific method, the coach is also working relationally and subjectively to ensure contextual relevance.

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A basic assumption upon which our work is based is that life is increasingly complex and paradoxical - particularly in international business.
The Centre's approach is to accept that such tensions exist - but not to take that acceptance as a reason to enter into debate and rigidly conducted conflicts. We know that vast differences exist in how things can be done or viewed. Sometimes - though rarely - there is a 'right' and a 'wrong', a 'good' and a 'bad'. However, invariably there is a way of moving forward which involves untangling complexity and devising creative strategies that engage with both or all sides.

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